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   In his landmark novel entitled "1984," George Orwell narrated grimly that "Ignorance is Strength." Of course, students of the information age know only the opposite to be true: Knowledge is not only strength, it is power. Unfortunately, it is this very idea that leaves those students who have little knowledge or understanding of Orwell's fiction.... powerless to complete worthwhile Orwell papers on their own. This site comes to the rescue with DOZENS of examples of Orwell papers critically analyzing such classic works as 1984, Animal Farm, Shooting an Elephant, and more!  To browse through our database of George Orwell papers, just click the "George Orwell paper list" button on the menu bar above! Existing George Orwell papers are sent out via your choice of email or fax within just a few hours! Not sure which one to order? Use the "contact us" button to request FREE excerpts from as many of our George Orwell papers as you like! Can't find anything relevant to your topic? Still not a problem!: Just click "custom Orwell paper help" and have our team of contracted expert researchers, writers, & literary analysts create a NEW tutorial by ANY date YOU specify! Stop struggling and get assistance with your George Orwell paper TODAY! Download an exemplary George Orwell papers and cite us as source! It's EASY!

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